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Reroofing showcase
Roofing does not always mean simply laying sheets on a large area and completing a few details. And when it comes to reroofing, it may become even more complicated. A job recently completed by Vanderlinden, a Rubberfuse Authorised Applicator in Belgium, is a nice demonstration of how to properly handle a challenging situation....

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More solar roofs in Germany
Several Rubberfuse “solar roofs” have now been installed in Germany. The first job, a show case, was a fully adhered system with FB membrane, but actually most of the installations use the mechanically attached roofing concept.....

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A big reference in Qatar
With an average 6.5% annual real GDP growth over the past five years, Qatar’s economy is termed by experts as a world top performer. Established in 2005, the Barwa Real Estate Company is now the largest publicly listed property developer in the country.

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Solar systems on show in Slovenia
The demand for solar systems grows all over Europe and Slovenia is a country known to be in the forefront when it comes to new technology. The ZEO 2008 exhibition, which took place early this month in Brdo Pri Kranju, did focus on passive and low energy buildings.

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New packaging for Flashing/Substrate Adhesive
The packaging of Flashing/Substrate Adhesive has been changed. 12 pails (240 kg) are now put on a pallet. This allows to load one pallet on a truck without the requirements of ADR regulation, since the pallet’s weight does not exceed 300kg.

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TF Membrane leaflet
A 4-page leaflet dedicated to the solar Biosol TF (Thin Film) Membrane has been published. The document provides technical information on this product, which is the result of the cooperation between Centrosolar and Rubberfuse.

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On site durability evaluation
The results of the survey carried out by the Milan Politecnico Institute on three exposed (mechanically attached) roofing systems using ST Sintofoil membrane, installed 5, 10 and 12 years before sample collection in Spain and France, have been part of a paper presented by Dott.

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Fixings: Helmond plant
All Rubberfuse plates (standard and thermal shut) are now made in a new plant, conveniently located in Helmond (Holland), near our Flémalle warehouse.....

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Certification Program

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Rubberfuse covers Daimler in Spain
Acieroid have started the first phase of the roofing works of the re-conversion of the 55.000m2 Daimler Chrysler plant located in the Madrid outskirts. The membrane used on this project is 1.2mm thick Sintofoil ST/FR-E,....

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