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A big reference in Qatar

With an average 6.5% annual real GDP growth over the past five years, Qatar’s economy is termed by experts as a world top performer. Established in 2005, the Barwa Real Estate Company is now the largest publicly listed property developer in the country. One of their current project is the Barwa Housing Programme. Built in two separate plots, this fast track scheme is designed to house a total of 1.984 high quality apartments.
The roofing contract for the first phase of this huge project has been awarded to Rubberfuse. The system includes 85.000m2 of 1.2mm Sintofoil ST grey membrane and extruded polystyrene insulation mechanically secured on structural concrete, using Rubberfuse R-75 (insulation) and M-45 (membrane) plates coupled to HD (Heavy Duty) 6.1mm fasteners. In order to meet the requirements in terms of aesthetics, 21.500lm of edge profiles made of grey Rubberfuse Sheet Laminated Metal were also used.

Reference in Qatar

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