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On site durability evaluation

The results of the survey carried out by the Milan Politecnico Institute on three exposed (mechanically attached) roofing systems using ST Sintofoil membrane, installed 5, 10 and 12 years before sample collection in Spain and France, have been part of a paper presented by Dott. Croce and Dott. Fiori at the May 2008 International Conference on Durability of Building Materials and Components in Istanbul.
The conclusions of the paper are clear: “in all inspections, the covers showed, on the flat areas section and in the details, an absence of visible decay. The favourable overall assessment of the cover in place was confirmed by laboratory tests performed on the samples taken.
Measurements made showed a similar behaviour in the 3 various geographical sites. Membranes had very different exposures to sun radiation, both in terms of intensity and duration. Sampling showed the perfect weldability and therefore the full possibility to repair membranes, even after years of operating exposure”.
A copy of the paper is available upon request.

Durability evaluation

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