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More solar roofs in Germany

Several Rubberfuse “solar roofs” have now been installed in Germany. The first job, a show case, was a fully adhered system with FB membrane, but actually most of the installations use the mechanically attached roofing concept.
Biosol TF (Thin Film) Membrane is the selected name for the panel made of thin film photovoltaic modules laminated to a TPO/FPA membrane.
This panel combines the reliability of a PPbased TPO sheet with the newest generation of the thin film photovoltaic technology. It has been developed together with Biohaus, a company with 20 years of experience in the integration of amorphous modules. Biohaus is now part of Centrosolar AG, a recognised specialist for demanding PV integrated concepts. A recent reference is the roof covering the Baden Import warehouse, located in Scheessel. This 8.000 m2 roof includes 220 ea TF membranes and is designed to generate a total of 59,84 kWp. The works (actually a renovation) have been carried out by Frank Bolzenius, the first German applicator who has been awarded the Rubberfuse Authorised Applicator status. The “non-solar” portion uses Sintofoil ST membrane, mechanically secured to the substrate.


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