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Roofing does not always mean simply laying sheets on a large area and completing a few details. And when it comes to reroofing, it may become even more complicated. A job recently completed by Vanderlinden, a Rubberfuse Authorised Applicator in Belgium, is a nice demonstration of how to properly handle a challenging situation. The project was to renew the roof covering of several modular office units. After few years in service, the existing bituminous roof had been patched here and there, yet it kept leaking, which led the owner to decide going for a complete retrofit. The job was not big, but proved to be quite demanding in terms of workmanship, due to numerous expansion joints and peculiar water outlets.
The first step was to restore the slope, using tapered PIR boards. A Fleece-Backed Sintofoil membrane was then mechanically secured at the perimeter (edges and expansion joints) and fully adhered. Sintofoil ST membrane was used to complete the expansion joints and the outlets, as per Rubberfuse specifications.


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