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Certification program

DIN program in Germany
The ST and FB Sintofoil membranes 2.0mm thick have been successfully tested at the Süddeutsches Kunststoff-Zentrum laboratory in Würzburg. The membranes are compliant to the DIN norm V 20000- 201:2006-11 (table 14 and 17).

Fire class “E” for Sintofoil membranes
A new version of the ST and RG Sintofoil membranes are subject to “E” rating according to the EN 13501- 1:2007 classification standard. The certificate has been issued on 21.04.08 by LAPI (Laboratorio Prevenzione Incendi S.p.A.), the European Notified Body n°0987, under the reference ACL/472/08/CPD/13956. The certificate is valid until 20.04.2013.

Broof (t1) testing on Sintofoil membranes
The 1.2mm and 1.5mm thick ST Sintofoil membranes have successfully passed the test according to EN-13501-5 norm. The tests were carried out at the WarringtonFireGent laboratory in Belgium. The detailed reports are available upon request.

A key principle of Imper Italia’s strategy is to offer a product line that meets the local industry standards and technical requirements. To date, Approval and/or Testing Certification has been obtained from the Authorities in the following countries (listed in alphabetical order): Belgium (UBAtc), Bulgaria (HNCN), Croatia (IGH), Czech Republic (TZUS), Europe (UEAtc), Germany (SKZ), France (CSTB and Qualiconsult), Holland (BDA-Intron), Hungary (EMI), Italy (ITC), Russia (GOST), Slovenia (ZAG), United Kingdom (BBA) and USA (FM).

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