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TF Membrane leaflet

A 4-page leaflet dedicated to the solar Biosol TF (Thin Film) Membrane has been published. The document provides technical information on this product, which is the result of the cooperation between Centrosolar and Rubberfuse.
The TF Membrane is a 5.90m x 1.05m panel made of a 2.0mm thick TPO/FPA base and 2 units of amorphous photovoltaic laminates, generating either 272 Wp (43.9 Wp/m2) or 288 Wp (46.5 Wp/m2), according to the PV film version. The panel includes potted terminal housing assembly with output cables and quick connect terminals. The TPO base is available in ST (standard) and FB (Fleece-Backed) version.
The TF Membrane meets the IEC/EN 61646 requirements. It is sold via the Centrosolar AG network and installed by Rubberfuse Authorised Applicators.

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