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sintofoil - top quality membranes
The TPO/FPA (Flexible Polypropylene Alloy) sintofoil membrane is produced by extrusion of granules resulting from the incorporation of ethylene propylene rubber into a polypropylene matrix together with other additives as appropriate to the type of membrane. sintofoil combines the advantages of EPDM (high physical properties, excellent weathering and no volatile plasticiser) and PVC (weldability and aesthetics) while offering significant advantages.

- Environmentally friendly and recyclable
- Top performance
- Compatibility with bitumen

The production program includes membranes for roofing (new and reroofing), waterproofing and lining, available in various types, for optimal performance :
- Sintofoil ST standard non-reinforced
- Sintofoil FB standard with a polyester fleece backing
- Sintofoil RG reinforced with glass fiber
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Each membrane type is also produced in a fire-rated (FR) version.
Standard thicknesses are 1.2mm and 1.5mm.
The standard colours are black and grey.
Other thicknesses and colours are available.

syntetic membrane roofing waterproofing

Rubberfuse accessories  
rubberfuse accessories -  for optimal system performance
The sintofoil membrane is not sold as a commodity. It is the main component of the rubberfuse product line, which include a complete range of compatible accessories specially developed to provide homogeneous systems.

Sheet Laminated Metal
Composite panel (standard size: 3m x 1m) resulting from the lamination of 0.7mm TPO/FPA sintofoil film to 0.6mm class II galvanised steel. Allows for aesthetic system termination by welding the membrane directly to the profile.

Moulded Accessories
Prefabricated items obtained by injection moulding of TPO/FPA granules. The product line includes inside & outside corners, roof drains, pipe seals, vents and decorative profiles.

Flashing/Substrate Adhesive
Syntehtic rubber based adhesive designed for bonding the ST (skirtings for all systems) and RG membrane to concrete, masonry, wood, metal and other acceptable substrates.

FB-SF Slovent Free Adhesive (for adhered system)
Moisture curing polyurethane based adhesive designed for bonding the FB membrane to acceptable substrates.

Standard Fixings / Thermal Shut Fixings
Specially designed for mechanically attached membrane roofing systems.

Waterstop Mastic
Butyl based mastic installed between membrane and substrate, used as a compression seal at mechanical terminations such as counterflashing, clamp-type drains, pipe seal clamping ring.

Rubber Sealant
One part silicone moisture-curing sealant, used to protect Waterstop Mastic and seal mechanical terminations.

Fuseprep Plus
Cleaning agent used to clean the membrane when dirty or weathered membrane.

rubberfuse accessoriesrubberfuse accessoriesrubberfuse accessoriesrubberfuse accessories

Mast international operations  
authorised applicator - an essential key to success
The basic marketing principle of rubberfuse is to offer total quality. This implies that the installation of the systems -a prerequisite to achieve the goal- has to be carried out by fully trained, experienced authorised applicators.

Quite often, questions arise: "What does authorised applicator exactly means? What is the policy? Who qualifies?"
While a network of authorised applicators is already established in several countries, yet the concept needs clarification, especially for the new members of the rubberfuse Team.

What is the policy ?
Rubberfuse systems, i.e. sintofoil membranes and relating accessories (sintofoil is not sold as a commodity) are installed only by authorised applicators.

What is the procedure ?


A person is considered a Rubberfuse Authorised Applicator after:



having actively participated to a technical session (hands-on) in a Rubberfuse Training Centre
and having satisfactorily installed the first job following the technical session (start-up).
2. The confirmation of successfully meeting the above requirements is the responsibility of the Rubberfuse's field technical representative.
3. As far as confirming documents are concerned
after the hands-on session, a certificate is handed over.
once the successfull start-up is confirmed by the field representative, the badge is handed over. It shows the Person's name and photo, the Company's name (since the validity is linked to the Person remaining with the Company) and the validity period.

At the badge's expiry date and prior to renewal, Rubberfuse will verify whether additional projects have been properly installed by the authorised applicator. If no additional project has been installed in the meantime, the badge will be cancelled, which implies new training might be required.


Rubberfuse International Technicl Session

Authorised applicator

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